Self-Pleasure, Why It Matters?

Self-Pleasure, Why It Matters?

It’s funny how one of the most joyous and self-caring activities women and men can do is also one of the most stigmatized. Self–pleasure is continually seen as taboo and while progress has been made in changing this, there is still more to be done to break the sex-negative associations with it. What could be negative about making yourself feel good through your deepest desires? Whether it's to fill the gaps in a long-distance relationship, healing the pain of a breakup, or just enjoying being single, self-pleasure is perfect for improving health and happiness in men and women.


It’s good for your health

Masturbating releases different hormones such as Dopamine, the “happiness hormone”, and Endorphins that relieve pain and reduce stress in the body. These have positive effects on your mood as well as alleviating anxiety, adding a bit of joy to everyday life. While it is still poorly researched, many people have said to feel focused after orgasming, and some choose to masturbate before working or studying to gain some extra clarity. Research shows that women who masturbate are more satisfied in their sex lives and more confident in overall life.

It benefits long-distance relationships

It can be so hard to have the physical part of a relationship significantly reduced when you are separated from your partner, as most of us experienced during the covid pandemic. This is where masturbation can make up for some of the feelings lost during long-distance and fill the gaps spent apart with happiness. One of the hormones released is Oxytocin or the “love hormone” that increases social bonding. It can reaffirm the bond between you and your partner and keep the magic alive even whilst you’re apart.

It helps the healing after a breakup

One of the most painful things we can experience is heartbreak and there are many things we do to find our way back to ourselves in the aftermath. This is where self-pleasure works in slowly melting away the sadness and living days of joy again. During masturbation, you don’t rely on anyone other than yourself, which can increase your independence and self-discovery through body and mind, see our blog post on What does Sexual Wellness Mean for more details. At a time when you’re probably feeling low and lacking confidence, it’s important to make yourself happy and remember how much you worth.

It elevates the single life

If you’re happy on your own and thriving off the freedom of being single, masturbation creates the joys and sensations that would normally be filled by someone else. There is nothing more empowering than you taking control of your sexuality and doing things for no one other than yourself. You can properly discover which areas are most sensitive and the types of pleasure you enjoy most, allowing you to properly understand yourself before letting someone else into your life.

Experiment with devices

Part of developing your self-pleasure is incorporating sex toys and lube into your routine. With many options on the market, it can hard to know where to start, so it may be beneficial to research beforehand or visit a store and get expert advice. Whether you choose to use pleasure devices or not, you should feel encouraged to invest in something that makes you feel good and improves your sexual wellness.

Whatever the form of self-pleasure that you prefer, it’s all about understanding yourself and making yourself feel good. Any stigma attached to it should be ignored because no one gets a say in how you should or should not do to experience yourself. You deserve to feel good in your own bodies because your beautiful and sexual pleasure is such a wonderful thing when done under your own terms.

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