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Cory Bush

About Cory Bush

Cory Bush is a sex-positive doula and relationship coach based in Brooklyn, NY. They have been working in the sex-positive space for over four years, teaching workshops, performing at events, and offering private coaching. Cory is a Certified Full Spectrum Doula and incorporates much of their training and experience as a doula into their work as a coach. They’ve written for publications including Dipsea, Merry Jane, and Momotaro and have been featured as an expert for articles in Men’s Health, InStyle, and Cosmopolitan. They primarily educate on topics including but not limited to sex, reproductive health, relationships, non-monogamy, kink, and consent.


  • BA New York University, 2018; Gender & Sexuality, Media & Technology, and Pop Culture

Certification & Licensure

  • Doula Trainings International; Full Spectrum Doula Training; (2020-2021)