CBD Lubricant

Our CBD lubricant isn't just about smoothness. It's about tapping into an undiscovered store of pleasure within yourself and discovering new peaks of intimate joy. Each use promises a sensual journey that aligns you with yourself, stripping away inhibitions and creating space for raw, real pleasure. Oomf isn’t just a CBD personal lubricant; it's an experience.

Oomf CBD Lube


Oomf CBD Lube sheets



Soothing Natural 

Lube Ingredients

Our award-winning formula melts tension away, replacing it with an unmatched comfort and glide that elevates your intimate moments.

Crafted with dedication and science, we’ve chosen safe, natural ingredients like Aqua and Acacia Senegal Gum for that smooth glide. Free from harmful chemicals and preservatives for sensitive skin relief.

Enriched with Vitamin E to help moisturize. Probiotics to support healthy intimate flora. And CBD to improve blood flood for increased sexual pleasure.

Unlock Pleasure, Embrace Power with CBD Lube

Our CBD lubricants aren’t just about physical pleasure; they’re about empowerment. It's about taking control of your sexual wellness and creating the experience you desire. It's about breaking the barriers of discomfort and embracing transparency in sexual health conversations.


Gynecologist Approved

Our CBD infused lubes have been created under the supervision of our founder Dr Dmitry for quality, safety, and effect. As an advocate for women's health and sexual wellness, Quanna isn’t just about transforming your sexual experiences, it's about championing sexual health matters as much as your pleasure.