5 tips on how to achieve body confidence

5 tips on how to achieve body confidence

How to achieve body self confidence?

Achieving body confidence is now synonymous with "exceeding unattainable". In a world where we are constantly bombarded with airbrushed and warped photos across our social media timelines, to advertisements on our nearest billboard, distorting bodies into digitally unforgiving imitations of what we think we should look like, has proven to be anything by empowering. But do not worry! Even with the external pressures to change what makes us all so different, here at Quanna, we have devised a foolproof formula into achieving the body confidence you deserve, without changing what you look like.

Here are our tips on how to boost your body confidence:


1. Ignore societal pressure

The hardest obstacle to overcome would be to ignore pressures that are not coming from your own desires to do so. It’s easy to want to follow trends and fads, but all in all, trends are trends for a reason, and are unlikely to stay relevant for as long as you might hope for! Expectations for our bodies are always changing, and changing yourself to attainable standards of the month, will only sustain short-lived confidence! It is important to make decisions around your body and appearance because you want to, not because society is telling you to!

2. Stop comparing yourself

What makes you, you, are incomparable to what makes others unique. No two people, not even twins, are bound to look completely identical. 88% of women, seeing themselves negatively as a result. instead of trying to fit into the mold by trying to look like everyone else, by embracing your quirks, curves, and everything else in between, you are able to accept your uniqueness and the beautiful body only you will possess.

3. Appreciate yourself aloud

By exclaiming our appreciation to our mirrors before the morning shower, our words you’ll be more inclined to pay more attention to areas of your body you may not always get to under your clothes, and share the love to those underrated areas! Spend a few about how your body has helped you push through life, how it makes you feel good, gets you places, and appreciate how you choose to decorate it!.

4. Tailor your algorithm

It’s important to control our bodies. It is estimated by a study concluded in 2016 that to body image problems. By actively following people who are transparent about the edited status of their photos, confident in themselves, or people who we think remind us of ourselves, we are more willing to allow for a boost in our body image as we become more exposed to actual human bodies, and not digital renditions of them. Even if photos are edited, by following influencers who are open about their retouched content, it is easier to understand what real bodies look like and dismiss unrealistic beauty standards to help you become more body positive.

5. Wear what you are comfortable with

A lot of fashion trends may look amazing on Bella Hadid, and amazing on you, but if it's not something you feel yourself in, it’s easy for misperceptions of yourself to begin to cloud your judgment about how you feel about your body. Tailor your style to suit you and make you feel good, even if it isn’t on the front cover of a Tabloid, show yourself some self-love and remember comfort is better than conformity.

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