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How to Use Oomf CBD Lube Bottle Guide

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When it comes to sex, no matter what you enjoy, you can usually play by the rule: the wetter, the better. And what better way to get the waters flowing than our all-natural Oomf CBD lube? Think less friction, more sensation, and longer-lasting sex!

Instructions for Oomf Lube Bottle:

1. Shake well before use.

2. Twist the bottle cap to the right and turn until it’s opened.

3. It’s easy to use Oomf lube with condoms — just rub the lube on the outside of the condom after you put it on. You can also add a few drops of lube inside the tip of the condom or on the penis before you roll the condom on. And you can put lube directly on a vulva and/or anus too.

4. Re-apply as needed.

5. Enjoy finding your Oomf.

How to Use Oomf Lube for a Sensual Massage

If you're looking to add a special touch to your partner's massage, lube can be a great way to do it. First off, generously smear drops of Oomf lube on your hands and warm them up in your hands before you apply the lube to your partner's skin. While you can apply lube to massage your partner’s back, you can also apply lube for a thigh massage. This is really the way to ramp things up during foreplay. Use lube to trace figure eights over their thighs. Or use it to massage their inner legs before going down on them.

How to Use Oomf Lube for a Hand Job

Generously smear drops of Oomf lube on your hands and warm them up in your hands to make them more comfortable to use. Use enough lube to fully cover your hand and the recipient’s penis. Then start with slow, gentle strokes that are just enough to tease. Alternate between long strokes, circular movements, and other types of stimulation. You can add pressure to the penis by gently squeezing and releasing it as you move your hand up and down. Just remember to reapply lube as needed to keep everything a smooth and slippery motion.

How to Use Oomf Lube for Vaginal Sex

To apply lube to the vagina, it’s best to do it in the form of a massage. Put a generous amount of Oomf lube onto your hands and gently rub the labia and clitoris, as well as the inside of the vagina. This will not only make the experience more pleasurable but will also help to reduce friction and make it easier for the penis or toy to penetrate.

How to Use Oomf Lube for Anal Sex

When preparing for anal sex, make sure to apply plenty of lube both to the anus and to the fingers, penis, or toy that will be entering. Keep three areas in mind: the surrounding skin of the hole, the external sphincter (or the rim of the hole), and the internal sphincter (and beyond). Each of these areas needs to be coated properly with lube to ensure a fun time for both parties, while also lowering the risk of injury. Apply the lube in liberal amounts, and reapply as needed during the act.

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