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How to Use Oomf CBD Lube Sheets Guide

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You wouldn't leave your condoms behind, so don't forget about your lube! Oomf CBD lube sheets are light and portable, so you can find pleasure even while on the go. With a simple snap, apply it to your intimate parts or toys for the best glide with no friction. Oomf sheets are easy to use with no spillage and no stains.

Instructions for Oomf Lube Sheets:

1. Hold the Oomf Sheet horizontally between your index finger and thumb with the “Oomf” logo facing up.

2. Pinch the ends of the sheet upwards until it folds in a snap motion.

3. Apply to the clitoris, vulva, penis, vagina, or anus. Other ways to use Oomf.

4. Re-apply as needed.

5. Enjoy finding your Oomf.

How to Use Oomf Lube for Tampon Insertion

Tackle tricky tampon insertion with Oomf CBD lube sheets. It’s important to only use a water-soluble lubricant as oil-based or silicone-based will disrupt the tampon’s ability to absorb. Apply a small amount of our water-soluble Oomf lubricant only on your tampon's applicator tip before you insert it into the vagina. Too much lubrication will interfere with the absorbency of the tampon.  

How to Use Oomf Lube for Fingering

Either for solo or partnered play, use lube to help you reach the higher level of penetrative pleasure you're seeking. You can lubricate your fingers with a generous amount of Oomf lube, and cross them like you’re making an “I swear” motion. Then, slide them into your partner's vagina, while gently rotating them. You can use your thumb to work your partner’s clitoris while you’re at it. 

Located between the scrotum and the anus, the perineum is one of the most pleasurable erogenous zones for people with penises. You can add lube to your finger(s) and gently massage that area, increasing the pressure every so often. (This also allows access to the prostate, aka the "male G-spot," which is a bonus.) If you're able to, rub and stroke their penis at the same time.

How to Use Oomf Lube With a Sex Toy

Oomf lube and sex toys are great on their own, but together? Undefeated combo. Whether you prefer a directly-on-the-clitoris experience or no penetration, Lube can buffer that friction to keep your clitoris from feeling desensitized or overwhelmed. You can roll a lubed-up bullet vibrator over your skin or across the vulva. You can also sweep a vibrator, with lube, over the perineum during oral or penetrative sex on your partner.

How to Use Oomf Lube for a Blowjob

If your mouth isn’t exactly as wet as it could be, then Oomf lube is here to help out. You can use your tongue to cover your lower teeth and wrap your top lip around your upper teeth. Add lube to your upper lip as you clamp them between your lips then proceed to bob up and down. Plus, you can easily swap to a hand job and go back and forth with ease, by applying a generous amount of lube to the shaft or lubricating the head of the penis. This would create double the pleasure for your partner. 

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