Ideas for Staying in on Valentine’s Day

Ideas for Staying in on Valentine’s Day

Ideas for Staying in on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples to show their love, appreciation, and affection for each other. But what if you just want to stay in this Valentine’s Day? There is a lot of pressure to go full out for the “most romantic day of the year.” But is it really love that is in the air? Valentine’s Day has gradually shifted focus from spending time together to how much you are spending for each other. So really ask yourself, why bother with the stress of coordinating a fancy restaurant dinner, flowers, and extravagant gifts that may break your heart and wallet?

There are plenty of Valentine's Day ideas for her and Valentine's day ideas for him that will make the day feel just as special as going out. In case you’re in need of some inspiration for a memorable date night at home, we’ve got the following list for you.

Cook a Special Meal

They say cooking is a way to the heart, so why not take an online cooking class together? There are also several meal kits available like HelloFresh, The Good Prep, and Potage that make it easy to cook a delicious Valentine's dinner for two.

Movie Night In

Snuggle up on the couch with your favorite snacks and watch a romantic comedy or your favorite movie together. Why stop at one movie though? That’s a regular Friday night. Give yourself the permission to just be luxuriously lazy together and go on a watching binge. You can even try your hand at creating your own movie screening in your own backyard or balcony.

Plan for the Future  

Take them on a virtual tour of their favorite places. Look up pictures online or find virtual tours of their favorite museums or landmarks. Discuss the different places you’ve both been, and where you want to go, and create your bucket list trips together.


At-Home Spa Day

If your valentine is the type who loves a good spa day, why not bring the spa to them? Trade-off giving each other massages, take a long soaking bath together with a soothing bath bomb and if you haven't gotten, ahem, distracted yet, chill out with face masks. You can also include a candle, some soothing music, and a glass of their favorite wine for a serious Valentine's Day glow-up.

Game Night

Break out a board game, play a round of video games or make your move playing the Qurious Game. This is a chaotically fun and risque icebreaker card game that’ll help your relationship to flourish. Improve your intimacy with this card game by sharing the stories that helped define who you both are (the good, the bad, the sexy). You can take play to another level though with the Lovers Night-In Bundle that includes Oomf CBD lubricant sheets. Packed with the boost of increased sensation and better glide, there’s a satisfaction guarantee that this would be a night to remember.

Go Camping In Your Backyard

Disconnect. Unplug from the world. Pitch a tent in your garden and make a conscious effort to refrain from social media, texts, emails, and tweets. Concentrate on being in the moment with each other, read up on why intimacy matters and just catch up on some much-needed quality time together. 

Create Art Together

Unleash your inner artists and make some artwork together as a couple. You could create a collage of photographs of each other, write a poem together or even reenact that scene from Ghost with a pottery-making kit. No matter what you create, display it as a reminder of your love for one another.

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