Reasons Your Vagina May Be Numb

Reasons Your Vagina May Be Numb

Reasons Your Vagina May Be Numb

Reasons Your Vagina May Be Numb

Is vaginal numbness normal? Yes, good sex may leave you buzzing, but what if you feel as if you are losing sensation in your vagina and vulva; that you are left feeling tingly, numb, and unable to climax. This tingling numbness isn’t that different from the “pins-and-needles'' feeling you might get when your arm or leg “goes to sleep.” This kind of prickly, tingly sensation is almost always nerve-related. Some people feel it during arousal or after rigorous sexual activity. You may worry that perhaps your vibrator setting has been too high, which just to ease your mind, it is true that sex toy stimulation can cause temporary numbness after orgasm, but this doesn’t cause long-term damage. Just  turn it down and have some fun.This is very different from a complete lack-of-feeling kind of numbness though. 

I know this all sounds scary but we need to keep the panic aside in order to understand the issue. You see, it could happen due to an underlying medical condition which needs to be addressed. The other reason could be that your body is going through some changes. Either way, let us learn the causes and possible treatments for a numb vagina during sex. 


1. Menopause

This could be one of the biggest reasons why you feel no sensation. Estrogen levels drop significantly, and if you didn’t know, it is this very hormone that keeps your vaginal tissues supple and well-lubricated. When there is less estrogen, the vaginal walls can become thin, and dry, better known as vaginal atrophy. 


2. Stress

If you are stressed, then your hormones are bound to be affected. And if one hormone goes haywire, it affects the others too! For instance, if cortisol is at an all-time high, estrogen levels can go down. It is also believed that some people hold stress in their pelvic floor muscles.


3. Issues in the pelvic floor tissue

If there’s vaginal scarring or heavy lifting, it can put immense pressure on the pelvic floor muscles, thereby leading to contraction. That also means less blood flow, atrophy of vagina, and of course, hardly any sensation. But pelvic floor muscles do get weak after vaginal childbirth, pelvic surgery or even in those who suffer from extreme constipation.


4. Trauma

If someone has undergone sexual trauma, they do not consider sex as a form of pleasure. In some people, trauma also causes a rise in cortisol levels, and alters their bowels, or shifts the flow of blood. Something akin to post-traumatic stress manifests itself in feelings of physical numbness. If you have a history of assault or trauma, you may find it helpful to talk to a doctor so they can get you the care you need.

*Note In addition to the list mentioned above, vaginal numbness is also associated with hormonal imbalance, multiple sclerosis, or cauda equina syndrome. If lack of sensation is accompanied by other worrying symptoms, please do speak to your doctor. 


How to get sensation back to your vagina

The vagina is essentially a muscle that can be massaged to release tension and increase blood flow, which means you can train this muscle just like any other. CBD lube such as Oomf is a tremendous help for easing muscle tension due to its vasodilatory effects, meaning it can help promote blood flow to the areas in which they are applied. It is a great aid in pelvic relaxation, so you simply can use your fingers or a toy to explore your vagina gently and consciously, concentrating on any areas that seem painful or tense. Vaginal numbness can be frustrating. To reverse it and bring back sensation to your vagina, the first step is understanding why it’s happening. For some that may look like visiting a pelvic floor therapist, for others it can be a recommended use of dilators. Just make sure you don’t ignore the issue and find out what’s up with your body because you deserve to enjoy your sex life again!

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