Is it ok to have sex on my period?

Sex during your period

Sex during your period

Sex during your period

Period sex can actually be pleasurable, well if you don’t mind the cleanup of course. Your time of the month shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the best of life. Now, of course for some of us, period pain is no joke and even the thought of sex during this time can sound nauseating, so we will refer you to read our article Can CBD help with Period Pain? to gain some better insight on how you can manage those cramps because your comfort comes first. But, for others, it’s actually common to see a surge in libido in and around menstruation. Basically, you’re hornier than ever on your period and research alludes to the fact that sex may actually help soothe your cramps. So, aside from an extra load of laundry, what do you say?

We have the following benefits of period sex listed:

  1. Relief from cramps

Orgasms may relieve menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps are a result of your uterus contracting to release its lining. When you have an orgasm, the muscles of your uterus also contract, then they release. That release should bring some relief from period cramps.

Sex also triggers the release of chemicals called endorphins, which make you feel good. Plus, engaging in sexual activity occupies your mind, which may help take it off your menstrual discomfort.

  1. Shorter periods

Having sex may make your periods shorter. Muscle contractions during an orgasm push out the uterine contents faster. That could result in shorter periods.

  1. Natural lubrication

If your vagina tends to be on the dry side, menstrual flow can act as a natural lubricant. 


     4. It might relieve your headache

Studies show that sexual activity can partially or completely relieve headaches. Researchers don't know exactly why this occurs. But they speculate the rush of endorphins during sex helps to numb headache pain.

Here are some safety considerations for period sex:

Pregnancy risk

If you aren’t actively trying to conceive, using protection is a good idea, no matter what part of your menstrual cycle you’re in. Your odds of conceiving are lower during your period, but it’s still possible to become pregnant at this time. Also consider that sperm can stay alive in your body for up to seven days. So, if you have a 22-day cycle and you ovulate soon after getting your period, there’s a chance you’ll be releasing an egg while sperm is still in your reproductive tract.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) are the biggest downside to having sex during a menstrual period. This puts partners at risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis. These viruses can spread during contact with the blood of an infected person, such as exposure to menstrual blood.

Having unprotected sex during your period or at any other time can increase the risk of other STIs, such as herpes, as well. Changes in the vagina during the period can make a woman or vulva owner more susceptible to infections, as well.

*Use condoms to guard against catching or spreading an STI*


It's important to remember to remove a tampon before having sex. A forgotten tampon can get pushed further into the vagina during sex and potentially cause a bacterial infection.

Also, a tampon that becomes lodged too deep may have to be removed by a healthcare provider.

Tips for the most fun

  • Be open and honest with your partner. Tell them how you feel about having sex during your period, and ask how they feel about it. If either of you is hesitant, talk about the reasons behind the discomfort.
  • Spread a dark-colored towel on the bed to catch any blood leaks. Or, have sex in the shower or bath to avoid the mess entirely.
  • Have your partner wear a latex condom. It will protect against pregnancy and STIs.
  • Stick to light days, say, days three to five of your period are light, try having sex on these days. However, if a heavier flow doesn’t deter you or your partner, then go for it.
  • Position-wise, our advice is to use gravity to your advantage. So staying on the bottom, spooning, missionary, side-by-side to keep bleeding to a minimum. Although, if you don’t mind the mess, do whatever is comfortable for you and feels best.
  • Keep a wet washcloth or wet wipes by the bed to clean up afterward.
  • Oral sex is still on the table and is safe. But you may wish to use a menstrual cup, contraceptive sponge, or tampon to minimize any leakage during oral. If you don't want to put anything in your vagina, you could use a dental dam.
  • If you are cramping and feel horny, but not up for penetrative sex instead opt for mutual masturbation, dry humping, anal, or some hand action. Both of you can enjoy an orgasm all while your tampon/pad/cup stays in place.
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