The Best Icebreaker Games for Hen Party

The Best Icebreaker Games for Hen Party

The Best Icebreaker Games for Hen Party


What’s a hen party without some cracker games?! And no we don't mean 'pin the penis', but rather hilarious opportunities to share ridiculous anecdotes about the bride, and games that will encourage the whole hen party to get to know each other a little better. To help you get the night started, here are some fun and upbeat hen party game ideas that will set the vibe right and have everyone bursting with laughs. From classic games to modern twists, these fun hen party games are sure to make the night one to remember!

1. The Qurious Game

This is the game to play with new or long-time mates alike. Spill all the tea as you share the intimate stories that helped define who you are (the good, the bad, the sexy). This card game features a Connect category of classic icebreakers with an adult twist like Would You Rather, Kiss Marry Kill, and Which Player. A Feel category of provocative player prompts that’ll air out all your dirty laundry like Who’s Most Likely To, Red Flags, Hot or Not. And a naughty Play section with a round of Truth or Dare Q’s that are as sensual as they are hilarious. 


Qurious Card Game


2. Horrible Hens Party Game

Looking for a hen party drinking game that’s guaranteed to add a little spice? Then you need the ultimate hen party game, Horrible Hens, in your life! The Bride Mag UK describes it as ‘Cards against Humanity meets the Hen Party - this is hilarious’ and we couldn’t agree more. Warning: all Hens will be made to do hilarious dares and will get highly intoxicated! They also add that if you are easily offended and don’t have a sense of humour, this is not the game for you…


Horrible Hens Party Game


3. Drawing Without Dignity Game

As the name suggests, it’s crass, crude, and downright filthy. Think Pictionary, but so much dirtier. This pits you and your friends against each other in a race to draw and guess naughty clues. Alongside the premium printed cards, this hen party game also comes with the rules, a timer, a die, a drawing pad, and golf pencils, all housed in a pretty box. Just remember to google what you don’t know in incognito mode! You have been warned…


Drawing Without Dignity Game

4. Slide in the DMs Game

What do you get when you combine the world’s funniest friendship group  (aka yours) and the bravery to slide into the DMs? A world of possibility…and the ultimate hen party game! Whether the bride met her partner in the inbox or not, this hen party game is a surefire riot. Compete with your friends and family by (metaphorically) sliding into the judge’s DMs. Just pair your funniest Play card with the chosen DM card in every round to create the combo that makes the judge laugh the most. 


Slide in the DMs Game

5. For The Girls Game

What makes a girls’ night in even better than a girls’ night out? The chance to ask shameless saucy questions, get to know your friends’ most outrageous secrets, laugh your head off and create a bond that will last forever! That’s where this game comes in… Get prepared for rounds of Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, Most Likely To, Best Of The Best, and Rapid Fire. And despite its name, this game isn’t just for the ladies. It’s suitable for folk across the gender spectrum. 


For The Girls Game

6. Gutterhead Game

Is the bride-to-be always the first one in with an innuendo? Is she famed for her pottymouth? Is she shy and retiring until a couple of drinks in, when she starts swearing like a beautiful sailor? Then Gutterhead is the perfect hen party game for her, and you! Gutterhead is the hilarious hen party board game that involves drawing, miming, and guessing over 240 fiendishly filthy words and phrases. With phrases such as ‘Teabagging’, ‘Wet Dream’, ‘Camel Toe’ - and a bunch more we can’t type in polite company - it’s laugh-out-loud raucous fun. 


Gutterhead Game
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