How to use lube

What is Lube?

What is Lube?

What is Lube?

Lube, short for “personal lubricant” is a liquid or gel used to reduce friction or irritation during sex. There are common misconceptions that lube is only for older women who have trouble producing natural lubrication or have trouble with sex, but that is not the case. Lube can be used by anyone and for any kind of sexual/sensual act. Lube is a step to better sex for everyone, because it supports safer sex. Yes, lube reduces the risk of tearing or injury - especially if you’re exploring anal or rough penetrative sex. Also, it just feels absolutely fantastic (even for solo-play). As lubricant experts, let us give you a breakdown on what to use as lube, what can you use instead of lube, and what to avoid in lube.



  • Can hand sanitizer be used as lube?
  • We understand that there are still covid concerns, but please do not use hand sanitizer as a substitute for lube. One of the main ingredients in many hand sanitizers is isopropyl alcohol which is not safe for internal use. Not to mention alcohol is drying and can damage the skin of your genitals



  • Can you use aloe vera as lube?
  • Aloe vera gel is a suitable natural lubricant. In fact, some commercial lubricants use aloe vera gel as the main ingredient. In theory, the water content in 100% aloe vera products makes them relatively safe to use with latex condoms and sex toys. 



  • Can I use baby oil as lube?
  • No. While baby oil is safe to use on the skin as a moisturizer, it shouldn't be used as a sexual lubricant. Baby oil and other mineral oil products used as lubes can cause condom problems and skin irritation. There is less infection risk for anal sex, however. 




  • Can you use vaseline as lube?
  • Vaseline states that it is for external use only, so it is likely not suitable for penetrative or oral intercourse. Vaseline is incompatible with latex condoms and can introduce bacteria that can lead to an infection.




  • Can you use moisturizer as lube?
  • Lotions and creams are thought of as an ideal lube alternative but you should be very, very careful before trying this out. All daily use lotions contain strong essence and perfumes, which are not suited for sensitive skin around your private parts. They may also contain parabens, which can cause hormonal imbalance.




  • Can you use olive oil as lube?
  • People should avoid using olive oil because it can damage latex condoms and dental dams. This damage can cause these items to tear or break, increasing the likelihood of a person getting pregnant or contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI).




  • Can you use  rapeseed oil as lube?
  • Rapeseed oil offers an attractive combination of good low temperature properties with reasonable high temperature stability. It is also compatible with lubricant additives which greatly enhance its performance characteristics.




  • Can you use argan oil as lube?
  • Yes, it is a natural aphrodisiac, but keep in mind oil-based lubricants can mess with latex barriers like condoms (making them more likely to break) and are absorbed quickly.




  • Can you use mineral oil as lube?
  • You should stay away from oil-based lubricant if you’re using latex condoms. It can also upset the natural balance of bacteria in vaginas. 




  • Can coconut oil be used as lube?
  • Coconut oil is generally a safe option to use as lube. Studies have shown that coconut oil is clinically proven for safe and effective use as a moisturizer. Coconut oil aids with coating the vaginal tissue to reduce water loss, while soothing and hydrating the vagina. As an oil, it's not ideal for regular use with a toy. Non-latex condoms only.



  • Can you use vegetable oil as lube?
  • Vegetable oil isn't ideal for vaginal penetration and not compatible with condoms, but can be used by most people as an external vaginal or anal lubricant. It's generally compatible with silicone, glass, and metal sex toys just make sure you know what material your vibrator is made of, especially if you're using vegetable oil. It's oil, so not compatible with latex condoms.




  • Can you use shaving cream as lube?
  • No, it can cause irritation and stinging when in contact with mucous membranes (genitals, rectum, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.).


  • Can you use spit as lube?
  • A common concern is can using spit as lube cause yeast infection and yes the bacteria present in your saliva has the potential to cause a yeast infection by altering the vaginal microbiome. Best to avoid spit as lube because it could trigger an infection, while there is a risk that someone could pass or receive a sexually transmitted infection.

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