Why try CBD lube?

Why the buzz about CBD lube?

Why the buzz about CBD lube?

Why the buzz about CBD lube?

CBD has been all the rage for a few years now — and it’s especially relevant during these recent stressful years. Although the strongest scientific evidence of CBD’s benefits is in treating childhood epilepsy, people are using CBD to address a variety of ailments such as anxiety and insomnia. It’s exciting to know that we have just hit the tip of the iceberg when it concerns the plentiful ways that CBD can impact wellness as we know it, especially when there is a growing awareness of CBD acting as a sexual enhancer or to help address issues with painful or otherwise unpleasurable sex. Which is why we’re going to walk you through how CBD lube is transforming sexual wellness as we know it and will answer all those curious CBD lube questions. 

How does CBD lube work?

So while the research on CBD and other cannabinoids supporting sexual wellbeing is still in its infancy for both clinical and personal use cases, there is research that shows the endocannabinoid system does have heavy receptor sites in both male and female reproductive systems.The female reproductive system has a cannabinoid receptor called TRPA1, found in the clitoris. When activated this receptor causes an increase in nitric oxide, which in turn causes an increase in blood flow. CBD can activate TRPA1 receptors, leading to increased blood flow and producing an enhanced sensitivity. 

What are the benefits of CBD lube?

As discussed in our article Why CBD in the Lubricant CBD lube has been reported to:

  • Increase sensitivity & promote better orgasms
  • Improves headspace
  • Amp the blood flow to help muscle relaxation
  • Ease pain/discomfort associated with sex
  • Decrease irritation and inflammation
  • Make sex easier, more fun and enjoyable!

  • Because CBD affects the endocannabinoid system and homeostasis, it can also affect the sex drive. So, you might find yourself feeling more sexually driven when using CBD lube. Users have also reported CBD lubes easing pain associated with sex, helping with conditions such as vaginitis or vaginal tearing, as well as menopausal symptoms of dry itchy vagina or vagina dry and sore. CBD lube also adds room for exploration as it gives opportunity to more foreplay while the effects settle in. CBD is derived from hemp, which increases blood flow, such lube can help you to achieve more intense orgasms, due to the increase in circulation. 

    Will CBD lube make me high?

    No. CBD is entirely non-psychoactive — meaning that no CBD product — including CBD lube — will make you feel high. The high from marijuana relies on the effects of a specific cannabinoid called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). While there are lubricants made with THC that can make you feel high after using it, these products are a completely different category of products altogether. 

    CBD Lube & The Vaginal Microbiome

    Your vaginal microbiome is a collective term for the microbes found in the vagina. These bacteria protect you and your vagina against pathogens, which could turn into diseases or infections if the bacteria were not present. There is evidence to suggest that CBD may help support a healthy microbiome and vaginal pH inside the female reproductive tract. Improving the health of the microbiome in the vagina can improve sexual intercourse in the future by eliminating dysbiosis and vaginal dryness. CBD lube may be the best way to benefit from this because it delivers active doses of CBD directly to the region. 

    The lube you’re using is critically important — using products that contain harsh chemicals can have the opposite effect and further damage the microbiome’s health. Quanna’s Oomf lube infused with organically grown premium hemp supports a healthy vaginal microbiome due to the pH balanced and prebiotic enriched blend of hydrating plant based ingredients and CBD. Such formula has been shown to promote additional natural lubrication to counter vaginal dryness and protect the healthy microflora so to keep infections at bay. 

    Can CBD lube work on a penis?

    Lube is generally assumed to be useless when it concerns the penis, but as covered in The Lube Effect  that is incorrect because if you want to take sex to new heights and perhaps help with any issues with erectile dysfunction, CBD lube acts as a vasodilator, it opens up the blood vessels and brings more blood to the area, thus increasing arousal and decreasing discomfort. Some men report using CBD lubes to help with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation — two of the most common complaints men experience in the bedroom. 

    Does CBD lube numb?

    No, CBD lube does not numb the area that it is applied to. Numbing gels or lubes are most common for anal sex. Although anal sex and stimulation may be the source of pleasure for many men and women because of the anus's proximity to the male prostate gland (a.k.a., the male g-spot) and the female g-spot, it may also be uncomfortable for others. This is because people's backdoors consist of thin, sensitive tissues that are prone to tears and irritation especially since the anus, unlike the vagina, doesn't produce its own lubrication. Using numbing gels though can actually be dangerous because you can’t heed the warning signs your body is telling you and this could lead to a painful and even dangerous end result after the numbing lube wears off. However, CBD lube would be a suitable replacement since the anus is lined with mucous membranes, which allows for better absorption of CBD and it would provide not only that necessary moisture, but also its anti-inflammatory properties to ease any pain or discomfort. 

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