Why Women With Low Libido May Actually Be Experiencing Responsive Desire

Why Women With Low Libido May Actually Be Experiencing Responsive Desire

Why Women With Low Libido May Actually Be Experiencing Responsive Desire

Why Women With Low Libido May Actually Be Experiencing Responsive Desire

Not in the mood for sex, like, ever? Women with low libido are more common than you think.  Lack of interest in sex can stem from many different factors including stress, hormonal fluctuations, medical issues, or relationship troubles to name a few. It’s normal for your libido to fluctuate, but if you’ve been lacking sexual desire for a prolonged period, or maybe have never felt a strong interest in sex, there could be something more behind it. Read on to learn about responsive desire and why it may be the cause for many women with low libido. 


Responsive Desire vs. Women With Low Libido

When we think of sexual desire or arousal, we assume it stems from mental stimuli. For example, when you see a hunky man on the TV and start having naughty thoughts.  

But for women with responsive desire, sexual desire or arousal occurs only after physical stimuli. Sexual arousal is achieved through physical closeness, touch, and sexual contact. The mental desire for sex comes only after being physically intimate.  

Understanding responsive desire can help you pursue a more fulfilling sex life. Women with low libido may not want or think about sex often, therefore they don’t initiate intimacy. Many women with responsive desire may think they suffer from a low libido when actually, they just need a little physical stimulation to get them going. 


What Can You Do To Ignite Your Responsive Desire?

There may be times when you’re feeling mentally neutral about having sex. For women with responsive desire, this may be an opportunity to initiate sexual intimacy with your partner. Help your partner learn how to ignite your desire by teaching them where you like to be touched. You may discover that there are more opportunities for steamy sex sessions than you realized.  

Women with low libido or responsive desire may also want to consider having a little extra help getting excited “down there.” OOmf CBD Lube not only makes penetration more enjoyable, but it can also help make you more sensitive. CBD has vasodilatory effects that promote blood flow to the most sensitive parts of your vagina, meaning it can aid in sexual arousal and make orgasm more likely. 

 But if that’s not enough, consider the use of naughty toys or even try going at it alone. You know your body better than anyone! If your partner is having a tough time finding your sweet spots, take matters into your own hands. Show your partner how you want to be touched by doing it yourself. Masturbation can be extremely helpful for getting you in the mood for sex (plus, watching you get naughty with yourself will likely get your partner in the mood too!). 


The Bottom Line

Understanding how responsive desire works may be key for women with low libido to put the spark back in their sex life. Unlocking your responsive desire can be as simple as more foreplay or introducing something new in the bedroom. If you still struggle with low libido, there may be another underlying cause. Consider talking to a sex therapist about what may be affecting your sexual desire.

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