How to spice up your sex life?

How to spice up your sex life?

How to spice up your sex life?

Sex is interesting, in that it often changes throughout a long-term relationship. It’s usually fun at the start of one, spending hours relishing in each other and learning what your partner likes. However, after long periods of doing the same routine, sex can start to lose the excitement and thrill that was there at the beginning. Some people struggle with intimacy and committing to long-term relationships. This is where tips and tricks to spicing it up in the bedroom come very handy, allowing you to explore new ways to bond with your partner and have fun.

When it comes to sex, the possibilities and techniques are endless so why not try them all. Discover what your partner likes and surprise yourself along the way with things you may not have even considered. The key to relationships is to make them fun and to find new ways of bonding with your partner. By adding playful elements to sex and going deeper into your desires, you will make it unique to your relationship and therefore more special and intimate.


Talk about sex

Simply talking about sex is guaranteed to get everyone in the mood. Tell your partner what’s on your mind and drop obvious hints to show that you’re in the mood. Mention what you enjoy and what they are good at, as this will establish confidence within themselves and entice them to do more. As well as getting you in the mood, continually talking about sex will increase you and your partner's understanding of each other and improve your sexual wellness. Sending saucy texts to each other can build excitement whilst you’re apart, increasing anticipation for when you get to see them. We all know the feeling of receiving a seductive text and not being able to hide your blush from those around you.


Go shopping

Maybe what you need are some accessories to brighten the bedroom activities. Accessories are effective in elevating the sexual experience without any direct penetration, acting as props that express your desires even further. These can be items of clothing such as provocative lingerie and fancy dress, or items such as blindfolds, handcuffs, floggers, and paddles. Whether you choose to go shopping together and make a day of it or to buy it secretly and surprise your partner, it’s all about being fun and creative with your sexual activities.


Play games

One of the best ways to add excitement and variety to sex is to include games. Whether these be normal games with a sexy twist or games specifically designed for sex, it’ll bring a lot of laughter and playfulness to your relationship. Examples include the 30-day Positions Challenge, a sex dice, truth or dare, striptease board games, games involving food, or the Qurious card game. Don’t hold back in exploring all the possible ways you and your partner can have fun in the bedroom. You might even find yourselves making up your own games as you go along depending on what you enjoy as a couple.



We all remember how fun drama class was at school, so now you can experience that same bubbling excitement alongside being very turned on. Roleplay is brilliant for mental stimulation, and when paired with physical stimulation it’ll make sex overall much more enjoyable. Not only is it fun but it’ll become more unique to your relationship, making it feel more special. Think about your favorite movie scenes, ask your partner what they like, and dig deep into your imagination.


Incorporate devices

Although some would only think to use sex toys when they’re alone, they can be really beneficial to couple relationships. With such a huge variation of devices available, you can experiment with many different options trying to find what suits you best. Do some research with your partner or visit a sex shop to find your best options, resulting in love-making sessions you won’t forget. Each sex toy is different and there’ll definitely be one you want to slip into your sexual routines, for more information see our guide into sex toys and their properties. Thats why we made Oomf  compatible and safe to use with sex toys. 

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