Don’t Skip the CBD Lube: 5 Important Reasons to Add It to Your Sexual Routine

Written by: Quanna Experts



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When it comes to sex, many people believe that the more natural the experience, the better. They might shy away from using any lubricant, thinking that it's an unnecessary addition to an already pleasurable experience. However, what they might not know is that using CBD lube during sex can not only enhance their sexual encounters but also provide several benefits for both partners. In this blog, we will explore five reasons why you should absolutely use CBD lube during sex.

1. Enhances Sexual Pleasure

One of the primary reasons to use CBD lube during sex is to increase pleasure for both partners. Lube helps reduce friction between your skin and your partner's, making it easier for both of you to enjoy a smooth and pleasurable sexual experience.

This is particularly helpful for women who may experience vaginal dryness or have difficulty producing natural lubrication. A high-quality CBD lubricant can help you achieve a more satisfying and enjoyable sexual experience by making penetration easier and more comfortable.

CBD lube can also increase sexual pleasure by encouraging more blood flow to the vagina and penis. The vasorelaxation properties of CBD have been found in studies where isolated arteries experienced a widening effect[1]. This basically means more blood can fill the genital tissue.

This enhanced blood flow brings more oxygen resulting in heightened sensitivity and pleasure. The combination of increased blood flow and improved sensitivity can make your overall sexual experience more pleasurable for both of you.

2. Reduces the Risk of Condom Breakage

Safe sex is a must and therefore using a condom is something we highly encourage, but they can sometimes break during intercourse due to friction, especially if there isn't enough natural lubrication.

Using CBD lube can help reduce this friction and lower the risk of condom breakage. This ensures that both partners are protected from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies. When using lube with condoms, choose a water-based or silicone-based lubricant, as oil-based lubes can weaken latex and cause the condom to break.

3. Prevents Irritation and Discomfort

Friction during sex is what causes the pleasurable feelings everyone enjoys during sex, however, too much friction or friction without lubricant can be uncomfortable. It can lead to irritation and even small tears in the delicate genital tissues. These micro-tears can not only be painful, but they can also increase the risk of infection.

Using CBD lube during sex can help prevent these issues by providing a thin protective barrier between the nerves inside the vagina and clitoris and nerves on the penis. This reduces the friction as the sexual organs slide against each other smoothly. No more irritation and discomfort!

4. Allows for Exploration of Different Types of Sex

Using CBD lube can also open up new possibilities for exploring different types of sex, such as anal sex. The anus does not produce its own natural lubrication, making lube an essential component for a safe and comfortable anal experience.

Additionally, some lubes are specifically designed to enhance pleasure during certain types of sex. For example, some lubricants contain ingredients that can create a warming or cooling sensation, adding an extra layer of excitement to your sexual encounters.

However you need to be careful when using lube such as this due to the ingredients. They’re usually not natural which means your body could have a negative reaction. Choose lubes that contain as many natural ingredients as possible.

5. Helps Maintain Vaginal Health

For women, using CBD lube during sex can actually help maintain vaginal health. As mentioned earlier, lube can help prevent irritation and micro-tears caused by friction. This, in turn, can reduce the risk of infections, such as bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections.

Additionally, using CBD lube can help keep the vagina's pH balance in check, as some lubricants are specifically designed to mimic the natural pH levels of the vagina. This can help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and maintain a healthy vaginal environment. Oomf has been enriched with prebiotics to help women maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome.

Oomf’s pH level is 4.5–5.0 and the pH of a typical vagina ranges from 3.5–4.5. This means the likelihood of any negative reactions is reduced and is more in tune with what a woman's body needs.


Using CBD lube during sex is not only beneficial for enhancing pleasure but also essential for maintaining sexual health and exploring new experiences. Whether you're struggling with vaginal dryness, looking to make sex more comfortable, or simply wanting to try something new, incorporating CBD lube into your sex life is a must.

If you’re not brave enough to try CBD lube yet, there are a wide variety of lubricants available on the market and one is sure to suit your needs and preferences. However, don't be shy – give CBD lube a try and unlock a world of enhanced pleasure and satisfaction in your sex life.