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CBD Water Based Lube

Oomf CBD Lube is more than just a CBD personal lubricant; it's an intimate journey to pleasure, comfort, arousal, and better sex.

Enriched with prebiotics that supports delicate vaginal microflora, this CBD water based lube is the award-winning key to changing your intimate moments into memorable experiences for you and your partner.

  • MAXIMISES PLEASURE: CBD lube is known to increase blood flow for better muscle relaxation and improved sensitivity for easier orgasms.
  • PH BALANCING: Enriched with prebiotics to maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome and keep natural pH. (The pH of our CBD lube is 4.5–5.0).
  • VULVA-FRIENDLY: CBD infused lube formulated with medical insight and backed by Dr Dmirty’s gynecologist approval, suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
  • NO STAINS: Don't worry! Oomf’s CBD sex lube formula is non-sticky, which means it leaves no residue on bed linen, clothing, or skin, unlike CBD sex oil.

Why You Should Use CBD Lube:

  1. Heightens sensitivity to make orgasms better & easier
  2. Improves performance anxiety & passion
  3. Increases the blood flow for pelvic relaxation
  4. Reduces painful sex & vaginal dryness
  5. Toxic free from ingredients like parabens, glycerin, & alcohol
  6. Maximize your pleasure & relational intimacy


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"Quanna doesn't do things by halves when it comes to championing healthy, comfortable sex and the brand's Oomf CBD lube is a top choice for encouraging that. Its CBD element makes things even more exciting, too"

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 Is Oomf Cannabis Lube?

Oomf is made using CBD derived from organically cultivated hemp plants, which are closely related to the cannabis plant. Oomf is not a cannabis lube as it does not include THC, the psychoactive compound responsible for making you feel ‘high’.

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