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Guys, let's cut to the chase, knowing how to make a girl squirt is often considered the holy grail of sexual achievements. It's the kind of pleasure most men dream of being able to give their woman. However, there is a mystery surrounding squirting that prevents a lot of men from trying.

Mastering how to make a woman squirt is not that difficult if you know the steps.

As a gynecologist, I'm going to share practical step-by-step techniques based on biology that will result in a squirting orgasm bound to leave her quivering with pleasure.

However, there is a caveat to learning how to make a girl squirt—you have to promise to use this information only to strengthen bonds, intensify trust, and deepen connections!

You also have to promise to follow our aftercare tips for post-playtime.

Ready to dive in and change both your sex lives forever? 

Before You Begin, Can She Have Squirting Orgasms?

Before you follow the steps so you know how to make a girl squirt, it's important to accept she may not be able to squirt. How to squirt for a woman can come with a lot of internal and external expectations and cause her to be disappointed if she doesn't.

Can every girl squirt? No. So as a man, you need to give her the freedom and peace that there is no pressure to perform [1].

This leads us to our first step…

How To Make A Girl Squirt

Step 1: Make Her Feel Comfortable

For a woman to be able to squirt it is as much mental as it is physical. If she is stressed or uncomfortable with her surroundings, she will not be able to squirt.

You can start by removing any expectations for her [2]. Reassure her that her ability to squirt, or not squirt, is not dependent on both of you having enjoyable sex together. She should not feel burdened to achieve something. This will only put pressure on her which it's self makes squirting hard.

You can not force a girl to squirt. As her sexual desire is responsive, It needs to come naturally. Let go of control and allow, whatever happens, to happen.

You can help her relax by making the whole experience a fun, sexy experiment for both of you to try together. Don't make her feel like she has to do this for you or otherwise you'll be disappointed.

"Creating a safe space for the woman you're with to surrender herself to the moment. She needs to be at ease and fully immersed in her body and thoughts. This helps her to 'lose herself' in the moment which means her pelvic muscles can relax."

Dr Dimitry L.

If she does squirt there is most likely to be a lot of fluid which will cause her to worry she'll make a mess [3]. Worrying causes stress and muscles to clench. If her pelvic muscles are clenched she can't squirt.

Reassure her by putting down a towel and telling her you don't mind the "mess".

You and the girl need to relish the sensations coursing through your bodies and understand that even if she doesn't end up squirting, that's not the ultimate goal. The primary goal here is to experience pleasure together - not satisfy your ego.

Step 2: Get Her Very Turned On

To achieve a squirting orgasm, a woman's vagina and vulva need to be completely aroused - there's no shortcut to sexual arousal when learning how to make a girl squirt.

"Embrace the journey of discovering all of a woman's erogenous zones that stir up excitement and eroticism. Not just her vagina but her neck, nipples, inner thighs, clit and more. Don't rush to the final destination."

Dr Dimitry L.

Create a cozy environment where you and your partner can take your time kissing, exploring her body, talking dirty, or even spanking if she's into it.

You'll know the woman you're with is very turned on when her clitoris and labia swell and darken, heightening sensitivity. Her vagina will also be very lubricated and she will be eager for you to penetrate her.

This is when the Skene's gland, found on the anterior wall of her vagina, will fill with fluid [4].

This heightened level of arousal is fundamental if you want to make a woman squirt.

Step 3: Stimulate Her G-Spot

Fingers inside vagina
Fingers inside the vagina
Fingering the G-spot
Applying preasure to G-spot

Once you and the woman are at peak levels of excitement, it's time to make her squirt.

Start by inserting your ring finger inside her vaginal opening and gently apply pressure about 2-3 inches inside on the front wall pointing toward her stomach. It's best to start with pressure, not friction as this is most comfortable for her [5].

The pads of your fingers should feel a ridged 'rubber' like a mound. This is her G-spot. Her reaction should also visibly change letting you know you've found it.

The G-spot is connected to the clit via the clitoral network that is made of erectile tissue [6].

Next form a cup or 'C' shape with your hand by placing the heel of your hand over her public bone and against her clit. At this point, you can add your middle finger inside her with your index finger on the outside of her vulva.

Create a 'come here' movement with your two ring fingers inside her vagina on her G-spot and at the same time pull your hand up toward the front wall of her vagina while keeping contact with her clit and the palm of your hand.

Listen to her verbal and non-verbal expressions as they will get more intense here.

Increase the speed and vigor of this motion using your whole arm and back muscles to perform this moment.

If you want you can use your other hand to gently push down on her lower abdomen while doing this to create a 'full' feeling many women report feeling pleasurable [7].

At this point, if she can squirt, you should hear the 'splashing' sound of liquid and clear fluid coming out of her vagina. Many women if they have not squirted before feel like they need to pee at this point. Let the woman you're with know that this is not the case [8]. She needs to use her pelvic floor muscles to 'release' the liquid.

As she starts squirting remove your fingers but keep stimulating her clit.

Keep in mind that every woman is different and for some this release of liquid may be small, while others may have a sudden gush or multiple gushes.

Step 4: Clean Up

Squirting is messy; in a good way. Instead of panicking over it, welcome it. Think of it as a bonus, not something to worry over.

The worst thing you can do is give the woman you're with the vibe that you don't like the mess. The two go hand in hand together.

In case you're worried about the mess, simply prepare by laying down a couple of towels before getting started. If you're up for some extravagance, you could invest in a sex blanket specially designed for period sex, squirting, and other sexual fluids [9].

Something to remember is that not all women squirt in the same way. It's not always a powerful outburst with a lot of liquid but can be a leak or a smaller amount.

Once sex is over, remove the wet towels and put them in your washing machine. Preferably right away.

BONUS: Add Some Lube

The importance of lubricant in sexual activities, including squirting, cannot be overstated. It serves as a protective layer between fingers and the delicate skin of the vulva.

Invest in quality lubricant for use when making a woman squirt as it amplifies sensations, delight, and excitement.

When you're unsure, a water-based lubricant is a safe choice. Although silicone-based lubricants provide a more slick experience and require fewer applications, they may cause damage to silicone toys.

You might also want to consider a female CBD lube, like Oomf. Its entirely organic formulation aids in increasing blood flow to the clitoris and vulva, while the prebiotics help maintain a healthy pH balance in the vagina.

Furthermore, your selection of a CBD-infused lubricant is likely to impress her. This unconventional choice demonstrates your thoughtful consideration for her comfort and pleasure.

How To Make A Woman Squirt With Your Penis

Penis stimulating G-spot
Penis stimulating G-spot
Coital alignment technique
Coital alignment technique

Making a girl squirt during sex follows a very similar progression as with your fingers. You need to make her feel safe and relaxed and turn her on with foreplay, however, you will be stimulating her G-spot with your penis during intercourse, not with your fingers.

To make a woman squirt with your penis you will need to find sex positions where you can use the head of your penis for direct contact causing G-spot orgasms [10].

The butterfly sex position is great for making a woman ejaculate as the upward thrust of your penis comes in direct contact with her G-spot stimulating the Skene's gland.

To do the position, put her on her back with a pillow under her lower back. This arches her back. Next fan out to the side of her knees and kneel between her legs. Lean back on your hands as you thrust upward and forwards.

The Power Move: Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

CAT is like rhythmic gymnastics. Imagine during traditional missionary you shift slightly upwards so that every thrust gives direct contact to her clitoris—like two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together.

Remember though; that communication is key in any sexual encounter. Ask her what feels good and listen—really listen—because sometimes it’s not just about hitting the spot but how you play once you're there that counts.

How To Make A Girl Squirt With Sex Toys

Using a sex toy can quicken your ability to make a girl squirt due to the curved design.

The marketplace is full of great sex toys that can help you learn how to make a girl squirt by stimulating her G-spot, including simple options like the Njoy Pure Wand or the more advanced Crescendo 2.

However, exclusive stimulation of the G-spot seldom leads to a squirting orgasm. You will need to include some clitoral toys into your repertoire to help elevate her arousal levels [11].

A good option is a clitoral suction toy or wand vibrator. Use these at the same while fingering her or during sex where her G-spot is being excited.

The dual action of steady pressure internally and stimulation externally is likely to make her squirt quickly.

Understanding Female Ejaculation & What Is Squirt

External clitoral network
External clitoris
Internal clitoris and G-spot
Internal clitoris

What happens when a woman 'squirts'? It's not just the stuff of adult films. Female ejaculation is the release of fluid through and around the urethra during or before an orgasm. This liquid isn't urine; it comes from the Skene's glands.

The female anatomy involved when women ejaculate is fascinating but often misunderstood. Within the top wall of the vagina, about two inches inside, lies the G-spot—a bean-shaped area that can be responsive to touch. Stimulating this spot might help trigger female ejaculation or squirting for some women.

The women who can squirt, describe it as an intense release unlike any other kind of climax they've felt. That's why many women fear they are going to pee when in fact it's a squirting orgasm.

Enhancing Male Psychological Benefits

Mastering the art of how to make a girl squirt is not just about sexual pleasure for women. When a man has this skill under your belt, it boosts your self-confidence.

The knowledge that you can deliver such profound pleasure to your partner reinforces self-esteem and fosters an aura of competence in other areas of life too. Psychologists assert that success in one aspect of your life can spill over into others [12].

Beyond personal pride, there’s also relationship bliss to consider. Helping your partner reach new heights of ecstasy tends to bring couples closer. This shared adventure creates trust and opens doors for deeper connection, turning what might have been routine encounters into explorations packed with anticipation and fulfillment.

The Impact on Female Psychology and Bonding

When a woman experiences squirting, it's not just a physical release but an emotional journey that deepens trust with her partner and their sex life. This shared adventure can reinforce the bond between them in ways words sometimes cannot touch.

For female sexual arousal, feeling secure enough to let go completely requires significant confidence in their partner—a kind of vulnerability that is only possible when true trust exists [13]. So when she does squirt, it signals not just sexual fulfillment but also emotional security.

A man who learns the skill necessary to help his partner squirt can witness firsthand how this intimate achievement affects their connection.

The understanding and patience involved speak volumes about his dedication to her satisfaction, often resulting in heightened affection from her side as well—she sees him as someone who values her pleasure as much as his own.

Through these deeply personal exchanges, couples may find themselves forging an even stronger emotional tie because they've explored and conquered together—and there's something incredibly bonding about sharing such powerful moments.

If you're learning how to make your wife squirt, all of these benefits will help your marriage.

Aftercare and Reflection

After an intense experience like women squirting, aftercare is not just nice to have; it's a must. It's the time when you make sure your partner feels safe, cared for, and comfortable. This moment can deeply enhance the emotional bond between yourself and the woman you're with.

Cuddling or wrapping her in a warm blanket helps bring comfort and closeness after such vulnerability [14]. But remember, physical care is only part of the equation. Emotional connection plays a big role too.

Talking about what felt good or what could be better next time shows that you value her feelings and experiences as much as your own pleasure.

These conversations build trust and intimacy—cornerstones of any strong relationship—and they also give you valuable insights into how to improve future encounters.

How To Make Her Squirt FAQs

How to make a girl squirt during sex

Making a girl squirt during sex requires her to be in a position where a man's penis can easily stimulate her G-spot internally. The butterfly position is a good sex position to make a girl squirt during sex.

How to make a girl squirt for the first time

Whether it's her first time or she's squirted before, making a girl squirt for the first time always follows the same process. Make her comfortable. Arouse her. And stimulate her G-spot.

How to make a girl squirt with fingers

Curl your figures inside a girl's vagina and came a 'come here' motion to apply pressure to her G-spot internally. Her G-spot will feel like a rubbery sponge.

How to make a girl squirt fast

You can not skip steps when making a girl squirt. It is unwise to immediately penetrate a woman during sex in hopes of making her squirt fast. Remember to do all the necessary steps when making her squirt for the best outcome.

Be The Lover She Deserves

So you've learned how to make a girl squirt, and what an adventure it's been. Remember, it starts with knowing her body like the back of your hand. You've set the mood right; trust is key.

You’ve explored with fingers that dance on all the right spots. Sex positions and rhythms are in sync to make her squirt during sex.

Confidence for men skyrockets when you know how to make a girl squirt.

But this journey isn't just about pleasure peaks; aftercare is where bonds cement stronger than ever before.

Your takeaways are clear: understand, prepare, and stimulate effectively. After riding those waves together, always nurture the emotional ties formed from such intimate shared moments.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is intended for educational and informative purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute for medical or professional advice. Always consult your healthcare provider in the area of your particular needs before making any medical decisions.

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