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Ever tried fitting a square peg into a round hole? That's car sex for you; an intricate dance between two people in the tightest of spaces. And in the moment it sounds like a great idea until you get down to business. Having sex in a car is not like doing it in a nice comfortable bed so at this point you're probably thinking this is a bad idea. But wait! Before you run off there are car sex positions that can make the expedition worth it.

Here's where fantasy meets reality, except we're swapping out Hollywood magic for some real-world savvy. We'll show you how to turn cramped quarters into a theater of pleasure without pulling a muscle or getting caught!

The secret sauce? Think outside the missionary box. Imagine leveraging every nook and cranny—backseats become love seats when you know just how to angle those hips. That's why you need to know these best car sex positions.

So if you're young lovers looking for some excitement or parents needing to steal some time for yourselves to have kid-free sex, then keep reading. 

The Art of Car Sex Positions

Having sex in a car is a lot more common than you may think. According to research in The Journal of Sex and Research a group of 706 individuals were polled in 2016 (195 men and 511 women) and found around 61% of the gents and nearly 59.5% of the gals confessed to getting frisky in a parked car [1].

But it gets juicier!

About 14% of these daring adventurers disclosed that their first-ever time having sex with someone was, in fact, in a car.

Now car sex is an adventure into intimacy that requires creativity and flexibility. The confined space can turn up the heat but if you don't know what you're doing things can get annoying.

These are the 10 best car sex positions to try with your lover that are both comfortable and pleasurable.

Best Car Sex Positions For The Back Seat

1. Back Seat Doggy Style

Back seat doggy style car sex position

Finding the sweet spot in a compact car often means getting familiar with tight spaces so you'll have to move things to the backseat to take advantage of more room.

Missionary position in a car can be challenging, considering there's a good chance neither of you will be able to fully stretch your legs. However, doggy style hits the spot just right: It allows for deep penetration and your partner gets to enjoy the view from behind.

The best part is you both have easy access to all the good body parts!

How to execute the position: Hop into the backseat, then assume the position on all fours. Your partner should kneel behind you and make their entrance.

If you're in a small car without a lot of headroom, the penetrating partner will need to lean their upper body over the back of the partner. But this also means you can whisper dirty things in their ear.

If you're in the mood for the extra thrill, the partner on the receiving end can dangle their butt outside the open door. The partner doing the penetrating can then take them from behind while standing outside the vehicle.

Even though technically one of you isn't in the car, it still qualifies as car sex. This variation is also great for anal penetration.

2. Back Seat Cowgirl

Back seat cowgirl sex position

If you're starting to feel worn out with all that thrusting, no problem. With this position, your lover can take the wheel. You get to recline and relax (bending those knees for comfort...and room) while they take the top spot and start bouncing.

How to execute the position: Hop into the backseat and stretch out on your back, knees slightly raised while your partner sits on top of you. The narrow back seat means the partner on top will need to keep their needs together. The partially folded legs then amplify the depth of penetration.

A little planning goes a long way—adjust any mirrors to catch a glimpse of the steamy action. Remember though: comfort is key because nothing kills the mood quite like cramping mid-shift.

3. The Clamshell

The clamshell position

Looking for a way to maximize your car's limited space? The "clamshell" is the best car lovemaking position for just this reason you can fold your body in half.

Plus, it gives you the option to let your partner ride high providing clitoral stimulation with the public bone while simultaneously allowing for deep penetration to give G-spot stimulation.

Feeling a bit adventurous and want to sprinkle a dash of BDSM into your car sex? Well, the backseat belt could be your new kinky best friend.

How to execute the position: In the backseat, your partner lies on their back with your legs hoisted up, and ankles nudged as closely to your shoulders and head as they can go. The penetrating partner then enters from a missionary position and prepares for some out-of-this-world pleasure.

To tie her hands with the seat belt, pin her hands above her head and wrap the seatbelt around her wrists. Hold them in place as you thrust away.

4. Side Spoon

Side spoon in car

Any position where you get to lie down is ideal for the backseat, as it lets your bodies naturally interlock with each other while your legs are comfortably bent. The real perk of laying down? You can say goodbye to the risk of bumping your head on the car ceiling.

Spooning has long stood the test of time as a beloved sex position because, let's be honest, it's cozy and it does what it's supposed to do.

If you're feeling a bit scared about your first car romp, starting with spooning can make things feel a bit more familiar. It paves the way for both partners to unwind without getting sidetracked by stress.

How to execute the position: Make your way into the backseat and lay down, then roll onto your sides so you're facing away from each other. Scoot closer until the magic can happen. Use your arms and various parts of the car for sturdy support.

You can switch this up by facing each other for a more romantic embrace or mutual masturbation in the backseat.

5. The Spider

The spider position in back seat

The Spider is a killer move if you're in the mood to spice things up and get a little wild. This position allows for deep penetration and provides direct clitoral stimulation, all while giving you and your partner a front-row seat to each other's bodies.

How to execute the position: Both of you get into the backseat, positioning your legs toward each other and using your arms for support.

The lady takes the lead by lying back first, her hips between the spread legs of her man, her knees bent, and her feet planted firmly outside his hips on the seat. The penetrating partner enters by sliding in between her legs. Following that, it's his turn to recline, taking care to keep his erection inside her.

Now comes the fun part - rocking back and forth. Trust us, this might be the only time you'll be thrilled to find a spider in your car. This daring move amps up the intimacy and excitement.

6. Back Seat Blowjob, Handjob or Fingering

Back seat oral sex

There are times when getting down and dirty feels like too much effort, and you crave a more chill vibe. Or you need to get off quickly because having sex in a public place is risky so time is of the essence.  

Instead of going for the gold with penetration, why not mix things up a bit? Indulging in oral sex, handjobs, sex toys, or a little fingering can offer all the satisfaction without the standard in-and-out.

These frisky antics in the backseat are among the most effortless yet satisfying positions to experiment with. It's a reciprocal pleasure trip where both of you can alternate between relaxing against the door and getting down on your knees to play.

How to execute the position: One partner can lounge against the door, semi-propped up while the other assumes a kneeling position, ready for some hands-on action. This could be anything from sensual finger play or getting frisky with their mouth.

The best part about this position, you can sit back and relax with your legs spread before it's your turn to return the favor.

In our opinion, these are some of the best first-time car sex positions to try before giving the others a go.

7. Face Sitting

Face sitting sex position

If you're in the middle of some steamy backseat oral action, why move? Explore fresh ways to enjoy oral pleasure, particularly for the ladies.

This position takes the concept of face-sitting to an entirely different level, and trust me, your love button will be singing praises.

How to execute the position: Position yourself on your partner's face so that your clit nestles right on their lips. Use the car seat as support as you rock your hips over your partner's mouth back and forth.

For the gentleman's comfort, he can rest his legs between the two front seats while sitting on the backseat floor, leaning against the seat.

This way, both parties can bask in the thrill of this intimate adventure without compromising comfort or a stiff neck.

Best Car Sex Positions For The Front Seat

8. Front Seat Cowgirl

Front seat cowgirl

The timeless cowgirl position is your ultimate move for front-seat car sex. It provides an effortless mounting and dismounting if you ever think you're going to be caught.

Plus, clitoral pleasure is abundant as you press against their body for maximum friction and eye contact.

Lean back a bit and your partner's penis angle will directly rub against your G-spot.

How to execute the position: Have your partner park themselves on the driver or passenger seat, then take the initiative by hopping on and riding them.

To ensure ample space for both of you, lean the seat as far back as possible. If anal play is on the menu, reclining gives your partner easy access to your derriere.

But if you're venturing into the anal territory, don't skimp on the sex lube. Remember, extra slippery equals extra fun!

9. The Lotus

The Lotus is essentially an intimate sex position from the world of tantric, characterized by gentle swaying rather than vigorous bouncing. It's got a bit of a lovey-dovey vibe to it if that's your cup of tea.

This position opens up the possibility for a dynamic dance between active sex and a slower kind of love-making. It gives you the chance to be still and enjoy merging your body with your partner's.

This position is best if you can find a quiet spot to park your car where you know you won't be disturbed. Bonus points if you have a beautiful view to look at out the window.

How to execute the position: Get your partner to sit with their legs crossed (think yoga) on the car seat, and then you sit in their lap facing them. Coil your legs around their back and hold onto each other for support.

This position sets your hands free to explore each other or awaken other sensitive spots.

10. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl position in car

This is just like front seat cowgirl, but with a twist—you're facing away from your partner, showing off your booty, giving them a full panoramic view. This setup is fantastic for stimulating the G-spot and for taking charge of the depth and rhythm of your partner's thrusts.

To boost the control and intimacy of this position, have her legs tucked inside his. This keeps the configuration tight and well-coordinated.

"The lady calls the shots—she manages penetration and tempo. The rear entry intensifies G-spot stimulation, and both partners can easily reach the clitoris."

Dr Dmitry

How to execute the position: Have your partner comfortably seated in the passenger seat, then straddle them while facing the opposite direction. You could use the driver seat but the steering wheel might get in the way.

To keep your balance, place her hands on the glove compartment as she gets her groove on. Instead of bouncing up and down—which can be tricky in a car with limited headroom—try grinding back and forth. This motion not only stimulates the clitoris but also the labia, guaranteeing an all-encompassing sensual experience.

And if you're not in the mood for penetration, this reverse cowgirl position is still great for easy access to stimulate the clit or penis and breasts using your hands. So, either way, you're in for a treat!

How To Make Car Sex Even Better

Pop Some Libido Boosting Supplements Before

If you want to get the party started early then taking a few women’s sexual supplements or a men's testosterone booster beforehand will enhance sexual arousal and energy for the deed. 

These supplements also contain ingredients to increase blood flow, handy for better erections but also in a car where muscle cramps can happen because of tight spaces.

But why this should be on your list of ways to improve car sex is because of the psychological aspect. Knowing that one has taken a supplement to boost sexual performance can create a placebo effect, increasing confidence and reducing performance anxiety.

Bring Some Lubricant Along For The Ride

Challenging sex positions in tight spaces can be distracting in the moment, especially if it’s your first time having sex in a car. And distraction reduces natural vaginal lubrication.

Bringing along a good quality water-based lube can reduce friction and increase your car sex pleasure even if you are a little distracted.

Moreover, lubricants add an extra layer of safety as reduced space and unconventional positions required for car sex can increase the risk of tears or irritation. Using a lube will reduce this risk.

Leverage Your Levers

Cars come equipped with their own toolkit for fun: door handles provide extra stability and seats recline at angles. Recline away until an incline becomes your playground—the sloped surface creates new depths to explore without extra effort.

A tilt here, an adjustment there; make use of those mechanical perks because let's face it—they were made for rides.

Making Space More Spacious

Push those front seats forward, recline them back, or better yet—fold them flat if you can. This move alone can turn a compact coupe into a cozy nook for two.

To avoid any awkward gear stick encounters or console clashes, clear out any clutter from your car beforehand. A clean space doesn't just look inviting—it also means less chance of uncomfortable nudges when things get heated.

Cushioning For Comfort

We all know cars weren't exactly designed with this purpose in mind. Bring along some cushions or throw blankets—not only do they add extra padding on hard surfaces but they're perfect for creating makeshift pillows.

A soft blanket spread over leather seats prevents sticking while adding warmth during cooler nights—and let’s face it: there’s nothing sexy about peeling yourself off sweaty vinyl.

Getting Steamy Safely

Safety should never ride shotgun when it comes to fun car sex positions. Before shifting into drive on this journey make sure everything is secure so there are no breaks or spills and remember to crack open a window to help keep oxygen flowing which will help prevent dizziness...and keeps those windows clearer too.

Always pick secluded spots away from prying eyes—a little discretion goes a long way toward keeping these moments special…and legal.

Avoiding Cramps and Strains

Nobody wants their sexy time to turn into an impromptu yoga fail. To avoid awkward leg cramps or neck strains make sure you have enough room so you can stretch out as much as possible in a car.

Switch positions as often as possible to keep the blood flowing and avoid muscle cramps.

Use the cushions and blankets to cover any hard surfaces to avoid bumped heads or elbows mid-thrust.

Tunes and Tempos

Set the mood with soft music but not too loud. You don't want to attract unwanted attention to your car. Make sure your playlist has enough beats per minute to keep up with yours if things heat up fast.

Lights Down Low

Cars have built-in ambiance thanks to dashboard lights. You’d be surprised how much some colorful hues add an exotic touch without needing room-sized setups.

  • The dim glow makes everything look better (trust us).

  • You've got options—flashing reds or soothing blues depending on what vibe you’re aiming for.

Enhancing the Experience with Sex Toys

When you're limited to the backseat, creativity is key. Sex toys can add a dash of zest to any situation, and car sex is certainly not an exclusion. When it's time to get frisky in a four-wheeler, try adding a hands-free vibrator into the mix, leaving your hands unoccupied for other tasks. WeVibe offers some fantastic wearable options that leave your hands free, such as the Jive.

If you're a fan of backdoor fun, butt plugs are an age-old favorite that doesn't require hands. Especially if you're the one in a sitting or reclining position, a butt plug can crank up the intensity.

Increase the Anticipation With Road Head

This juicy tip is exclusively for the lucky driver. Roadhead could be the secret sauce that spices up your long, monotonous drive. Engaging in a blowjob with the male driver has become a favorite car activity, serving as a tantalizing appetizer for the delicious main course that lies ahead.

For the co-pilot on this steamy journey, if you're looking to crank up the heat, consider using some nipple clamps during the ride. Alternatively, you could use a vibrator on yourself while you tease the driver.

But remember, safety first! If you, as the driver, find yourself getting too distracted, it's best to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Allow your passenger to indulge in some solo fun while you concentrate on driving.

Key Takeaway:

Turn your car's backseat into a passion playground. Don't forget to use those reclining seats. Fold down the back for more room, then let loose and drive straight into pound town.

Add cushions for comfort, keep it safe, and choose a private spot to make these moments memorable—and legal. 

Best Places To Have Car Sex

So you're ready to hit the road and turn your car into a love den. But before things heat up, remember: location is key. These are the best locations to have car sex without parking tickets raining on your parade.

Secluded Scenic Overlooks

The allure of a breathtaking view can't be overstated when you’re with someone special in the backseat. Find an overlook after sunset or during off-peak hours; just make sure it’s not too popular among tourists who might want more than just a selfie.

Parking lots with panoramic views offer privacy along with ambiance—just ensure they're far from the beaten path. Do your due diligence to ensure a successful experience.

Private Property (With Permission)

Borrowing space from friendly landowners could give you peace of mind—and legal coverage. Always get permission first because trespassing is never sexy, trust me.

A farm on the outskirts or unused warehouse property? If they give you the thumbs-up, then all systems are go for launch to try out your new car sex positions.

Camping Grounds

You could also try secluded camping grounds or parking sports deep within a forest reserve. These are great because there are not a lot of people around usually.

Choose an isolated camping spot to ensure privacy. But if you ask us, if you've already set up your tent, you might as well do it in there.

Rural Roads Less Traveled

Dust off that old map and look for those squiggly lines less traveled off the main roads—that's where your romantic rendezvous awaits. Rural roads often lead to secluded spots perfect for some uninterrupted car sex under starlit skies.

Drive-In Movies

Drive-in cinemas provide an 80s throwback ambiance that's just perfect for some car-bound canoodling. You get to kick back, watch a flick on the massive outdoor screen, and steal some steamy moments with your partner in the comfortable confines of your vehicle.

But don't forget, it's all about being sly and considerate of the people around you. This isn't a sexual free-for-all; it's a fun time for others usually families. So, keep the windows up but the noise down. Park your car as far away from others as possible—let's keep it classy and saucy at the same time.

Whatever spot revs your engine, always play it safe and respect others' boundaries as much as you’d like them to respect yours in return.

Hop Tip: Explore the spot you'd like to get intimate at a few days beforehand to scout out if you're likely to run into any trouble. Are there many people around at the time you'd like to do the nasty within your car? Is it dark and private or well-lit? Are there other cars coming and going all the time? Knowing this will help you avoid getting caught and legal complications.

Key Takeaway:

Pick a spot as carefully as you'd pick a position. Secluded overlooks, private property, or those quiet rural roads are prime real estate for car romance—just steer clear of trouble and trespassing.

The Clean-Up After Having Sex In A Car

Good sex is messy sex. At least that's what we've been told. First, if you are having sex in your car don't let bodily fluids distract you from the moment. Accept it's going to happen but here are a few ways to minimize the mess and make the cleanup easy.

  1. If you brought blankets for comfort and extra padding, put a few down on the seat you're going to have sex on. This will prevent any fluids from getting on the seats and make cleaning up post-sex easy. All you have to do is put them in the washing machine.
  2. Bring some baby wipes that you can keep in the car with you. You can use these as a quick swab to get rid of any sweat or other liquids that may have ended up on your seats or other parts of the car.
  3. If any bodily fluids have found their way onto your seats, if they're leather cleanup will be easy. Just wipe them down with the baby wipes. If they are fabric seats then use soap and water when you get home to clean them. Add a little fabric freshener or baking soda after you've cleaned to hide any smells.
  4. Getting hot and steamy in a car will make your car smell like sex. Make sure to crack a window to allow fresh air inside to get rid of any sex smells. Leave the window cracked when you get home to allow air to ventilate the whole car, especially if someone is going to use the car the next day to run some errands.

Navigating Legalities and Discretion

Before getting too intimate in the backseat, it's important to consider any potential legal issues. We all know car sex isn't just about finding that sweet spot between the gearshift and the steering wheel; it's also about playing by the rules of the Law.

First things first: getting hot and heavy in your Honda might feel like you're miles away from anyone else’s business. But legally speaking, although there are no laws directly preventing couples from having sex in a car, if you have any type of sexual relations in front of other non-consenting people, it's considered "public indecency" or "public lewdness" [2].

If caught for either of these violations you could be fined or even face jail time [3].

Besides keeping activities hush-hush for legal reasons—because let's face it, explaining yourself to Officer Friendly is nobody’s idea of afterglow—you'll want privacy for personal comfort too.

So how do you enjoy your car romp and try out all these car sex positions without facing legal consequences? The trick is to keep discretion at a maximum while ensuring everyone involved has consented.

So buckle up lovebirds because even though spontaneity fuels desire's fire—that doesn’t mean we toss caution out. A little planning goes a long way toward keeping those handcuffs off.

Key Takeaway:

Car sex is hot, but getting caught isn't. Always park smart—use tinted windows or sunshades and avoid areas with security cameras to keep your intimate moments private and legal.

Consent is crucial for a sexy time; make sure it's loud and clear. Plan ahead to dodge any unwanted attention from the law or onlookers. 

Now You Know The 10 Best Car Sex Positions

So, you've navigated the tight squeeze. You now know the car sex positions that can turn a compact ride into an expansive experience if approached with creativity and flexibility. And you're not the only one with around 60% of both men and women having had sex in a car.

Remember: every inch of space matters. Front seat, back seat—each spot has the potential to make this experience more comfortable and pleasurable, including back seat doggy style, back seat cowgirl, and the clamshell. Leverage what you've got; use seats that fold, and cushions for comfort, and always keep safety in mind.

However, it's crucial to remember that while there are no specific laws prohibiting car sex, engaging in sexual activities in public view can lead to charges of public indecency or lewdness.

So, privacy shades up? Check. Perfect spot picked out? Got it.

The road to pleasure is paved with awareness and creativity. Your journey's just begun!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is intended for educational and informative purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute for legal advice. Always consult your lawyer in the area of your particular needs before making any legal decisions.

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