Planning On Getting Frisky In The Shower? You’ll Need a Shower Lube

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Shower sex can be a slippery business, and not in a good way. Besides the 'oops-did-I-just-pull-a-muscle' moments, the biggest complaint about shower sex is the lack of lubrication. With all the water washing away the natural lubrication, you end up with chafed genitals causing tears and a bad experience. What you need is a good quality shower lube.

So, we're diving into why shower lube is a game-changer for couples who love getting busy in the shower. This read will give you the skinny on water-resistant lubes that'll keep things moving smoothly so comfort and pleasure don't wash down the drain.

We've got tips on making it safe and sensational plus a step-by-step guide that won't leave you guessing which foot goes where. And because nobody wants to turn aftercare into a second job, we'll wrap up with easy cleanup pointers.

Ready? Let's get wet and wild! 

Choose from the three best shower lubes

The most comfortable shower sex positions

Shower sex aftercare and cleanup

The Necessity of Shower Lube for Couples

Shower time can turn into a slippery affair, and not just because of the soap. When water washes away natural lubrication, it can lead to an experience that's more ouch than ooh-la-la [1].

Without proper lubrication, penetrative sex in the shower can become irritating and even painful. That's where shower lube comes in—it keeps things smooth when you're getting steamy.

A good shower lube for shower sex should stay in place and provide you with the lubrication you need without washing away. While we love water-based lubricants, unfortunately, they don't get the job done for shower sex. Water-based lubes dissolve faster than a sugar cube in tea under the shower stream.

What you need is silicone lube, oil-based lube, or hybrid lube for shower sex as they tend to stick around longer, letting you focus on each other.

The right product lets couples glide past any potential pitfalls like unwanted sticking points or skin irritation. Because let’s face it, nothing kills the mood like having to yell 'hold up' while reaching for shower gel as an impromptu solution.

Top Choices for Shower Lube

When it's time to get steamy in the shower, you don't want your shower lube washing off. That’s why finding a water-resistant lubricant is the best lube for shower sex. These are the two most popular types of lube you should consider for your shower lube and unfortunately, a water-based lube is not one of them.

Cleanup also matters—no one likes a post-passion project that takes forever to clean or may clog the drain [2].

Oil-Based Lube

Those who are more earth-friendly, and embrace an organic lifestyle, may find oil-based lubricants to be a fitting choice for their intimate moments in the shower.

They're slippery and last a long time, however, we'd recommend caution as oil-based lubes tend to disrupt the delicate bacterial equilibrium within the vagina, potentially resulting in infections or pH imbalances [3].

Pros for shower sex:

  • Water resistant and won't wash away

  • Compatible with non-latex toys

Cons for shower sex:

  • Tend to clog shower drains if used often

  • Not compatible with latex condoms

Boy Butter: Best Oil-Based Shower Lube

Boy Butter Original, in our opinion, is the go-to brand for quality oil-based lube. With its unique coconut oil-based formulation, is whipped into a velvety smooth personal lubricant that turns transparent when it comes into contact with warm skin.

It's amazingly light and provides just the right amount of slip when you use it and it's safe to ingest. It offers the same durability as any silicone-based lubes out there.

Cleanup is not as complicated as other oil-based lubes such as extra virgin coconut oil—it washes off from the skin with water and some soap.

>> Can You Use Coconut Oil As Lube?

Boy butter
Boy Butter is recommended based on its effectiveness and user reviews; this is an independent recommendation and we are not affiliated with the product.


“ Well honestly it was great when you actually wanted to be messy, but if your looking for a quicky lub that can be used for a little fun then this isn't the best, but if your looking for something that is long lasting and makes even the tightest slip then this would be a great buy. ”

R. Fenstemaker on Aug 27, 2015

Silicone-Based Lube

Silicone lubricant is a champ at shower sex because it sticks around much longer than their water-based pals when things get wet.

Its high-endurance formula means you're not reapplying every two seconds. And if you've got sensitive skin and need something gentler, most silicone lubes are hypoallergenic which keeps things smooth without irritating [4].

If you're planning on adding anal penetration to your shower antics, then this is also the shower lube you want to be using. Because anal sex does not come with natural lubrication, using silicone lubes for this is even more important where the water will wash away any natural lubrication the body produces.

Pros for shower sex:

  • A little bit goes a long way

  • Extra thick lubrication

Cons for shower sex:

  • Can be messy and greasy if used too much

  • Need baby wipes to clean off effectively

Uberlube: Best Silicone-based Shower Lube

Uberlube is a personal silicone lubricant, designed to add sensation and extra slipperiness where normally there is none. I.e. anal sex in the shower.

It's free from alcohol, gluten, glycerin, and parabens, as well as any fragrances or flavors. Moreover, it doesn't contain any animal-based ingredients, making it suitable for vegans.

Uberlube's primary ingredient is silicone, but it's enriched with a touch of vitamin E to enhance its texture, leaving a silky smooth feel on your skin.

Uberlube is recommended based on its effectiveness and user reviews; this is an independent recommendation and we are not affiliated with the product.


“ Great texture, like an oil rather than a jelly. Only need a small amount and lasts for ages. Well worth the money. Have recommended to many friends already. ”

Chelsea on Jan 22, 2024

Hybrid Lube

Hybrid lubricants are a unique blend, mainly comprised of water-based but with a hint of silicone added. This composition gives them extra longevity and slickness than purely water-based lubes.

A key advantage of hybrid lubricants is also their non-greasy texture and their ease of removal, unlike pure silicone-based varieties. They are compatible with both latex and non-latex protection and can be safely used with all types of sex toys, even silicone toys [5].

When it comes to intimate moments in the shower hybrid lubricants outperform water-based due to their superior water-resistance capabilities and even silicone-based due to ease of cleanup.

This makes Hybrid lubes the best lube for shower sex!

Pros for shower sex:

  • Easier to clean off

  • Water resistant like silicone lube

Cons for shower sex:

  • May need reapplying

  • Dissipates quicker than silicone

Siliquid Silk: Best Hybrid Shower Lube

In your quest for a hybrid lubricant that mimics the texture of silicone but is water-based, our recommendation is Sliquid Silk. Its consistency is thick and plush to the touch. Plus, it ticks all the right boxes: vegan-friendly, devoid of parabens and glycerin, and hypoallergenic.

This product remains a top pick among those who fancy a bit of water play. Its ultra-smooth feel is a delight, and it resists washing away even during vigorous thrusting.

It poses no risk when used with condoms or non-silicone intimate toys. Embrace the ease and pleasure this lube brings to your sexual wellness journey.

Sliquid sillk lube
Sliquid is recommended based on its effectiveness and user reviews; this is an independent recommendation and we are not affiliated with the product.


“ The feel and texture of this product is wonderful and it seems to last much longer than some of the pure water based products. ”

Shanon on Oct 17, 2023

Advantages of Sex in the Shower

Why have sex in the shower

It's more than just suds and water; it's about connecting on a slippery new level. Taking intimacy into the shower offers unique perks that go beyond bedroom boundaries.

The cozy confines promote closeness, literally bringing you two together in ways that can feel both exciting and comforting. Plus, let’s be real – being able to clean up right after getting down to business is pretty convenient.

But there’s also something inherently sensual about water cascading over you and your partner's bodies, creating natural rhythms that can enhance your experience. You're not just sharing space; you're sharing an element as essential as air but way more playful.

And when privacy is hard to come by, a locked bathroom door provides an exclusive retreat for those moments of passion without any interruptions. Perfect for mom and dad looking for some time alone from the kids.

Taking your love-making into the shower can spice things up in your sex life. Different positions are possible—and sometimes necessary—due to space constraints which means experimentation comes with the territory.

Shower time doesn't always have to be just a daily chore; it could very well mean discovering new heights of pleasure while hitting refresh on your relationship.

Shower Sex Tips: Preparing for a Safe and Enjoyable Experience

Turning your shower into an oasis of pleasure means more than just dimming the lights and letting the water run. Safety comes first if you want to have great shower sex.

Check the temperature: Before things heat up sexually, it's a good idea to check the temperature before getting in. Scalding showers are no one’s friend; so get yourself a water-efficient shower head, which can help regulate those temps while cutting down on water costs.

No slip-ups: The last thing you want is to take 'falling' for someone too literally. Invest in some trusty non-slip bathmats or apply anti-slip stickers on your shower floor—your toes (and dignity) will thank you later.

Step-by-Step Guide: How To Have Sex In The Shower

Shower sex can be a slippery business, but with the right moves and some prep, your shower will be turned into a den of pleasure [6]. If you're planning on luring your partner into the bathroom here are some things you can do to prepare beforehand.

Even if your sex sessions are not preplanned—they just happen—having these things in place will make the whole experience more enjoyable.

1. Pre-heat The Shower and Your Partner

No one likes to be cold while making love. Make sure you and your partner step into a nice warm shower by running the hot water beforehand for about 5 minutes. As you step in turn on the cold water top to even out the temperature so no one burns their skin.

You can now start exploring each other's bodies in comfort but don't rush. Soap up your hands or a loofa and start washing your partner. This can be a very sensual experience for both of you.

Make it intimate and sexy by kissing their neck or ears when you wash their back. Stroke their chest as you wash the front. And in between washing don't forget to kiss.

2. Finding Your Footing

Let the warm water and your partner's hands relax you before attempting anything too vigorous. Use the shower walls for support by having one partner lean against the wall while the other takes control from either front or back—it's the dealer's choice here.

The key is slow and steady movements; think less jackhammer and more sensual dance. And remember, before you go lifting someone up here, you need a sure footing to prevent slipping [7].

No one wants to explain to their doctor how they broke their leg in the shower trying to perform fancy sex positions. Our advice is to keep it simple, keep it sensual, and keep it sexy.

"Standing missionary position with one partner's leg up is a comfortable and stable position for both parties making it perfect for shower sex. Place a small stool on the floor of the shower to balance your propped-up leg."

Dr Dmitry

3. Lubrication Is Your Friend

Make sure your waterproof shower lube is within easy reach to avoid any awkward fumbling or mid-shower sprints across the bathroom. A little prep goes a long way!

Squeeze out a generous amount, depending on the type of lube you're using, and massage it onto each other’s genitals—if you're using an oil-based lube it can double as massage gel so feel free to get handsy.

Apply more lube as needed because when it comes to comfort and pleasure in the shower, plenty of slickness is needed.

Hot Tip: Stay playful but always stay aware of each other's comfort levels too—a steamy encounter should only leave good memories once you leave the bathroom.

Best 3 Shower Sex Positions

1. The Wraparound

Position yourself comfortably against the shower wall while your partner stands facing you. Then, lift your leg up and intertwine it around their midsection, or you could ask them to cradle the back of your knee within their elbow's bend.

From this unique position, they have the opportunity to penetrate, manually stimulate you or use a waterproof sex toy. You are secured by the wall and the embrace of your partner - making a slip in the shower unlikely.

Additionally, this position enables you to enjoy your intimacy face-to-face. Just make sure to keep the water out of your eyes.

2. Standing Doggy

For the partner being penetrated position your hands on the wall of the shower, angling your body at approximately 45 degrees and slightly bending your knees for ease. This allows your partner to enter you from behind or reach around to stimulate your clitoris or breasts.

This particular is one of the best shower sex positions for its safety and stability but also the pleasure it provides. You can zero in on the experience rather than worrying about potential slips.

Additionally, this posture is ideal for those venturing into anal sex –just remember to apply your water-proof shower lube.

3. The Love Seat

If we are being honest, standing missionary and doggy style can be a lot of work. However, this position is for the lazy man or woman.

Should you be fortunate enough to have a bench within your shower, there's an excellent way to use it for shower sex. And even if you don't have a built-in bench, bring a plastic chair into the shower with you and you can do this position.

Here's the blueprint: invite your male partner to sit down and place yourself on top of them, with your back towards them as you penetrate yourself. As you nestle against their chest, you can either steer the action or let them take control, reaching around to stimulate you from the front.

Your partner has the opportunity to caress your back, play with your hair, plant tender kisses on your neck, and whisper tantalizing dirty words into your ear. This arrangement gives you power and control while allowing for an intimate connection.

Sex Toys You Can Use In The Shower

Crescendo 2
Crescendo 2

If you're planning on bringing a toy into the shower you'll need to make sure it is waterproof and sealed, especially if it's battery-operated. 

It needs to be made from a material that can be used in water. Silicone, stainless steel etc are all materials your sex toy needs to be made from if you're using it for shower sex.

The Crescendo 2 by Mystery Vide is made for shower sex as it meets both of these. This fully customizable smart vibrator is designed like long fingers so it adapts to your body shape and anatomy so you can focus on your footing and your partner's body while having shower sex. It can also be used for solo play when your partner is out of town.

Fully waterproof the 6 motors can touch all 6 erogenous zones within the vagina. Made from body-safe silicone it would be best to use a hybrid shower lube with this sex toy to get the most from your experience.

WeVide Sync
WeVibe Sync

Talking about being away from your partner, even if they are out of town but you still want to involve them in your shower time fun, you can instead use the WeVide Sync

This aquatic-friendly pleasure gadget has been designed to bring enjoyment even when your partner is away by utilizing a mobile application over wifi.

Through the app, they can operate the vibrator from their phone while you're in the shower alone.

Make it even more interesting by jumping on a FaceTime call so they can watch your reactions in the shower as they play with the app. Just make sure your iPhone doesn't get wet.

Aftercare and Cleanup Post-Shower Sex

Showering together can be a steamy affair, but don't let the afterglow distract you from the cleanup that may be needed. If you've used a lot of oil-based or silicone-based shower lube, here's how to keep things clean without turning it into a chore.

The Scoop on Lube Removal

You've had your fun, and now it’s time to wash away any remnants of the shower lube. If you’ve gone with silicone-based lubricants for their staying power in water, remember they need more than just water for removal. A gentle body wash should do the trick; aim for something pH-balanced to maintain healthy skin down there. Gently cleanse all nooks and crannies until squeaky clean.

The same goes for oil-based lubes. Due to their water-resistant nature, you'll need to use a shower gel to waste it off.

Lastly, consider your shower drain may get blocked if enough shower lube ends up down it. To avoid this use the minimal amount of lube needed to have a good time and keep shower sex for special occasions.

Skin Health is Wealth

Showering can strip natural oils from your skin, so apply a fragrance-free moisturizer once dry. This helps lock in moisture and keeps your skin healthy. However, make sure you are completely dry as damp environments promote bacteria growth.

This information is especially important for women to keep those pesky UTIs at bay

If you had penetrative sex remember to pee right after sex too—it's nature’s best flush against bacteria and other elements that may cause UTIs.

Heated Towel Racks

Imagine, you've just had the steamiest shower sex with your lover! Everything was perfect–the shower lube had you two slipin' n slidin' together in all the good ways. The warm water has melted your stress away and you're squeaky clean. You're ready to step out and begin round two in bed.

However, as you step out of the shower you're met with a blast of cool air and cold towels. Enough to put a dampener on any watery romp.

If you're feeling fancy have a towel heating rack installed to pre-heat your towels while you're in the shower. That way when you get out you can wrap yourself in a nice fluffy warm towel.

Common Misconceptions About Shower Sex and Lubrication

One major myth is that water alone makes for a smooth experience. In reality, water can wash away natural lubrication leaving you high and dry when comfort matters most.

Another misconception? That any lube will do the trick. Not quite—shower-friendly lubes need to be specially formulated to hold their own against water. They need to stick around under wet conditions, that's why water-based lubes will not work.

Lastly, shower sex doesn’t equal risk-free sex in terms of infections. It may feel like everything gets rinsed away, but bacteria love warm and damp environments. Make sure the genitals and any skin fold are completely dry and any remaining lube removed to prevent skin-fold infections [8].

Shower Lube FAQs

What kind of lube is best for shower sex?

Silicone-based lubes are top-notch for showers. They don't wash off easily and keep things slick despite the water.

Can shower gel be used as lube?

No, steer clear of shower gels as lube. They can irritate sensitive areas, remove any lubrication, and aren't designed for internal use.

Can you use baby oil as lube in the shower?

Baby oil isn't ideal for shower sex; it's hard to clean up and can degrade condoms if they're part of your plan.

Shower Lube; A Luxuriously Sensual Addition

Shower sex can be a thrilling experience, but it comes with its own set of challenges - the primary one being the lack of natural lubrication due to water. Therefore, the use of shower lube is crucial for a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

Silicone, oil-based, and hybrid lubes are the top picks for shower-friendly lubes—they're key.

Remember to stay safe. Set up your space to avoid slip-ups; temperature matters, as does footing. And after? Keep it simple—rinse, dry off, and clean up.

Now you know better about what works and what doesn't with shower sex and lubrication. With the right lube, safe practices, and easy cleanup, shower sex can truly be a wet and wild experience!